Preview: Human Resources

Preview: Human Resources


With our human resources functions on My Work Depot you can Add or Edit employees, and easily set annual vacation days.

You can also send targeted notifications to individual departments (IT - computer requirement, network access) in order to get instructions across more clearly to multiple employees simultaneously.

Add/Edit emplpoyee

Set annual vacation days

Notify departments (IT - computer requirement, network access)

Notify departments (Biz mgr - desk, phone, building pass

New hires

You can create and edit new hire requests under your My Work Depot human resources tab. Now you’re also able to send and accept a new hire request (to consecutive list of people) so that your information reaches everyone you need in a timely and efficient manner.

Create/edit new hire request

Send new hire request (to consecutive list of people)

Accept new hire request (manager, hr manager, department head, finance head, ceo )


You can view reports under the human resources tab so that you can easily see employee absences, holidays, and the time your employees have spent in the office easily in one place.

View reports (Absence by employee, holidays)

View time in office

Vacation requests

Using the human resources function you can review and accept vacation requests. You can also create a spreadsheet from the present data so that you can easily view all the vacations days and requests in one sheet.

e vacations request function under the human resources tab can also help you to create a Gantt chart on showing employees’ absences, where you can then filter by department and sort the department requests according to your own specifications.

Review and accept vacation requests

Create spreadsheet from present data

Gantt chart on employees absence filter by department, and sort


You can now add and edit departments. You can even add and remove employees from departments to adjust to your changing company needs.

You are also able to set two levels to departments showing a management level in addition to your employees.

Add edit departments

Add remove employees from departments

Set managers (2 levels)


As a contractor, or as a business owner reviewing your contractor’s work, you can review and accept timesheets. You’re also able to both review and accept invoices before they are sent out.

Review and accept timesheets

Reveiew and accept invoices